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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

If you are well overweight and want to lose weight but can not exercise yet you can still lose weight. Over time you want to train for the extra benefits for your health a metabolism but you can start losing now

You need:!
Being able to count calories

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You must calculate your basic calorie requirements to maintain weight. It is a simple method for this.
If sedentary Weight x 14 = Daily calories to maintain weight.

If Moderately active Weight x 17 = Daily calories to maintain.
For active people Weight x 20 = Daily calories required.

Take basic calories needed and subtract 500. 3500 calories equals half a kilogram. So to cut down 500 calories a day will achieve half a kilo a week without exercise.

This stands to reason that you can draw 1 000 calories for 2 pounds a week.


While training is not necessary it will increase your weight loss and more importantly increase your metabolism. This will burn calories easier. If you add a little strength increase muscle. Every kilogram of muscle burns 50 calories a day.

Tips and Warnings

Start by reducing only 500 calories. Add a daily walk if you want.
Do not take calories during 1100. This can put you in starvation mode and stop weight loss. c0tBTXVli5

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